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One of the best parts of the holiday season is lounging around the house in your Christmas pajamas, catching up with the family, playing with the kids, decorating the Christmas tree, watching favorite movies, baking Christmas goodies, drinking egg nog sprinkled with nutmeg, telling family stories, and playing cards and board games.

Xmas pjs are so comfortable and festive, they are the perfect outfit for all of this holiday fun. They're also a good way to show your Christmas spirit, which of course is contagious.
As you would expect, they come in many colourfully themed designs. Popular this year are family wearing Xmas pajamasthe naughty and nice sets and the North Pole themed pajamas. You can find all the other main Christmas themes too, including baby Jesus in a manger, candy canes, Christmas stockings, red cardinals, doves, peace signs, snowflakes, polar bears, reindeer, Santa Claus, Christmas elves, snowmen, holly, angels, gingerbread men, and Christmas trees.
Some Yuletide sleepwear also comes with popular slogans.
Most are sold as two pieces. The tops are either a T-shirt style or a button up and down style. Some are short-sleeved for warmer climates and some are long-sleeved for colder climates. The pants are usually loose-fitting with an elastic waist and a drawstring.
 Variety Of Styles
Some come with feet, especially those designed for toddlers and small children, but most are straight-legged or slightly flared. Many people like their pajamas loose fitting so if you like them to fit snugger, you may need to buy a size smaller than normal.
The most popular material for is 100% cotton flannel. The second most popular material is polar fleece or micro fleece made out of a synthetic material like polyester.
Cotton is a natural fiber and usually breathes a little better than synthetic fibers.
Fleece is usually warmer than flannel because it is usually woven tighter and it also traps in the body heat.
Flannel is sometimes made of other types of fibers such as wool or a synthetic so you'll need to read the label or the online product description carefully.
Sometimes you'll find them made with blended materials. You can also find Christmas pajamas made out of silk, including his and her sets.
Most styles for kids are made in a unisex style so girl's Christmas pajamas are interchangeable with boys.
Safety Considerations.
One thing parents need to be aware of is that the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) requires that all children's sleepwear, including pajamas and loungewear, be treated with chemicals to make them flame retardant.

This is a bit controversial as some parents believe these chemicals are unhealthy. Garments that are kept for a year are supposed to lose these chemicals due to degassing. However, simply washing the clothing once or twice does not remove most of the flame retardant chemicals.
For safety purposes, the CPSC also recommends that kid's Christmas pajamas fit snugly to reduce the risk of strangulation.
Be careful too that the tops do not have drawstrings or buttons for really young children or toddlers. In fact, toddler Christmas pajamas are often designed a bit differently than the older kids. or the adult styles even when the overall designs still match.
Family Fun With Matching pajamas.
It is a growing trend for families to buy matching Christmas pajamas. This can be loads of fun. Most families just pick a design everyone likes but others put together a theme like the parents dressing as Santa Claus and Mrs.Claus, while the children dress as elves or reindeer.
Matching sets make for great photographs to send out to family and friends and also to retain as treasured keepsakes. Some families even put these on their Christmas cards.
There is also a growing trend to take the whole family down to the mall dressed in their pjs to take a picture with Santa Claus or in the Winter Wonderland themes malls often have.
Some families get the Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins all matching sets! Some Christmas designs also offer matching pajamas for the family dog and cat.
What a party that would make with the whole extended family and the pets dressed to match!
Some designs are extra fun and whimsical. Some designs are truly zany. Some sets come with floppy Santa hats, reindeer horns, or elf ears. Some have pieces that light up with small batteries. Some even have glow in the dark designs. You'll also find other popular pajama designs like dinosaurs, super heroes, and Disney cartoons decked out in Christmas garb. For example, you might find dinosaurs wearing Santa hats.

Fun Times with Christmas Pajamas

Whatever Christmas pajamas you choose for the upcoming holiday season, we hope you and your family will have a jolly good time. It is important around the holidays to be as comfortable as possible so you can concentrate on more important things like spending time with family and friends.

By Marie Sutton
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